Macy Gray has a ever so cool style so you get to hear great music as she delivers lyrics and vocals that sometimes need to be decoded. You will definitely want to put this one on rewind. It strokes until you have no choice but to like it. Slick Rick helps to make that happen.

When it's right the work is just easy. Jessica Simpson easily delivers on "With You" expressing her comfort with her newly found soul mate. She sounds melodic, comfortable and happy. It's totally something to have in your collection.

This song was great and so perfect right from the start for many young women and mature ones too. For young girls coming of age, it allowed them to have feelings of being "Drunk In Love" over and over by simply requesting a refill.  It was understood that you can feel quite natural high when you are in love.  For the mature woman, there was permission to have a few to many and also encouragement for her to enjoy being hypnotized by love.

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