Headboard Bangers

Yes, we are going deep with music, right now! Today we have something real special to bring y'all down memory lane. The best thing Rapper Lil Kim could have done was give birth because the perception everyone had of her being number 2 can change.

As far as Too Short, we are thanking each of parents for genetically blessing him with 26 chromosomes during the conception process. There is a lot of buzz going on for Too Short's new song, 19999 because it is a reminder of that old school sound. In the familiar voice of a guy who reminded us who he was with his "It's Too Short Baby" line.

After listening to "The Ghetto" and hearing him talk about the woes of the Ghetto and giving his fans some good advice, we did a search and found the truth. The truth came in the form of Call Me, a Too Short Song featuring Rapper Lil Kim. It is certainly confirmation that no one can take your accomplishments away, no matter what they do.

On this Throwback Thursday, we have to feature the song. Enjoy it and then check out these guys who make pink look good. There are also six reasons you should wear pink too, if you are a guy. Everything good should come in pairs.

6 Reasons You Should Wear Pink, According to Ranker

  • Girls love it
  • To show women that your confident and sensitive
  • Because it's a great way to pink up women
  • The calming effect of pink can help your business 
  • Because Arizona Prisoners wear it
  • Cool people just do

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