TI came out the gate almost an instant star way back with his Rubberband Man Mentality, signifying that he had lots of money to throw around. How could we forget it right? He's keeping it going too, even with accusations of his rocky relationship with Long time girlfriend Tiny, TI is still focused on the music.

His song called No Mediocre, featuring Iggy Azalea, is all about throwing shade to women who accept anything other than the best or who do not quite measure up to his so called standards. What kind of woman does he want? Well apparently one who is high maintenance, requiring a Benz over a Jaguar, one who gets Brazilian Waxes and one who does her hair. Oh cross the one out he means several with no strings attached.

Iggy Azalea seems to be with it as she is Rapping like TI's "About the Money" Lyrics have rubbed off on her.

We do live in a world where buying and selling is makes up capitalism, so Rapping about money and wealth seems reasonable. As far as sound goes, it's not crazy fancy, the rhythm is sort of off and the song seems rushed. The video is very fun to watch though, showing a happier and more comical TI. Watch it above and tell us what you think in the comment section.

It was easy to pay attention to the fashion as the blue worn by Iggy Azalea caught my attention, instantly reminding me of what August Alsina and Zendaya wore on the B.E.T. Red Carpet during the Pre-Show Coverage.

Check out how they were donning their blue ensembles below.