The many faces of Tiffany Shante'

It is still Thursday so we are throwing vocals from Songstress, Raptress Tiffany Shante back at you! Singer, Rapper,1/2 of the Mizfit, she wears many titles. The last time we shared her it was the anniversary of Jane Fonda's Groundbreaking Fitness Video. Then, we were showing off The Mizfits Throwback Style, colorful tights and all. This time it's our craving for sweet sound that has us on some Tiffany. At least that is one reason, other than the fact that the lyrics are reflective of a reality I am all too familiar with in real life.

This song has been laying like a sleeper while YG's Who Do You Love is still being talked about and enjoyed. B.E.T.'s 106 & Park even ran the video for time on their countdown. Sure, sharing it should have been done way back then but it wasn't time.

Though we could do without some of the very familiar sounds of Lady Dahlia's voice, we have to blast this song as a major hit, in this Throwback Edition! The love and affection is coming from a point of seeing the scenario play out in relationships in the neighborhood I grew up in. Call the guys players but many of them always had a side chick.

Compliments to the lyricist but focus on Tiffany's vocals please. Who do you love? Tell us in the comment section and cement that thing in like the stars do on The Hollywood Blvd. Walk Of Fame.