New Orleans Rapper Killa Kash Santana has been doing his thing for a while now, so we were not surprised to find the likable video called Flight Nights & Morning floating around on the Internet. In it Kash Santana starts off with a chant like punchline "I'm bout to kill 'em all, why let 'em breathe, track murderer industry money scheme" then he goes into his verses with ease. Pictured alone sitting atop a freezer, he claims his mission is to rape the music game. His goal does not seem like an impossible violation, if you consider the flood of Hip-Hop Artist in the game now____the ones populating main stream media. The Master P's, the Snoops, the Jays, the Kanyes, or any Rapper you can think of that is really on some Ross type Boss ish, getting their 50 Cent on. These familiar Rappers are landing sponsorships, and endorsement deals while headlining and closing shows. They have enough street cred to fill arenas and sell out shows (keeping their seats)Killa Kash Santana is one or many New Orleans Rappers that wants to be in that number.

Don't get me wrong, the New Orleans Area has never been short on talent, but getting recognized on a national level is the next step up for most local artist The city's atmosphere has always read party scene, and this song has its own Rap Party Vibe. Kash Santana has every right to expect that his hard work will help him rank top level.

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Yes, he putting on his street swag lyrically to bring his competition something extra special. The funny thing about this video is his stag status. He seems to be enjoying the fact that he is vibing alone. Instead of using a red cup, he has a black one in hand. Kash Santana swears off sleep; shouting "bread over bed" and we are not sure if he likes coffee or liquor more. What we do know is that he wont stop! This Rap Cat keeps putting out videos and we couldn't help but notice his grind.

If you are saying about time, now you know. Kash Santana has worked with Super Producter Blaq N Mild and also New Orleans Rapper Nice Gunz (Gunna). Will there be a future collaboration between the two? We sure hope so. You might want to open your eyes because Kash Santana is not sleep! Stay tuned for more of that New Orleans.