The Ziiiro Watch Brand relates the watch experience to seeing an eclipse, making the creative design sound so scientific. The explanation is certainly intriguing. A special technology is used to create a bright glow which helps to make telling time in the dark easier. Ziiiro Watches have been featured in Blueprint Magazine, Observer/UK Edition, and Playboy. - See more Zirro here and make a real statement with your watch. If you know where you are going, you should know what time it is.

Venturing into jewelry design came almost by accident for Lana Bramlette who originally started designing clothes. Her desire for the perfect pair of hoop earrings gave her the movitation she needed to start making jewelry. and the rest is history. She's known as the Queen of Hoops and has lots famous clientele to buy her delicate pieces. The Chain Link Lana Bramlette Earrings we featured on our index page sold out! See more Lana Bramlette Styles; let your earlobes speak for you.