While Walgreens seems to be getting everyone on board with living well, reminding customers to be well has become a wanted earful of good tidings. Meanwhile, Big Data is making some consumers paranoid enough to start questioning whether machines are becoming similar to the monster under your child's bed, making humans scream, as they become more and more dependent on their devices, to carryout activities of daily living. Thinking techie is not really as complicated as it sounds in the analogies used by Stephen Marche in his monthly Esquire Article, where he claims machines dehumanize us only after we have conquered them, ceasing control and mastering operation of their technology.

In the article, Marche used Aviation and NASA Professions, placing Astronauts and Fighter Pilots in the spotlight, while somehow using a condescending tone, claiming ordinary citizens relate to the work performed by Astronauts and Fighter Pilots only through fast cars. All I could think about was how shallow and so inappropriate his perspective seemed.

Then he created his own little diversion by mentioning drones and specifically writing "the best of the best today are a bunch of guys in some room in Nevada or California, checking their e-mail in between exploring space or blowing up Yemeni weddings".

Call him a delusional wedding crasher and wish that he would finally realize that his understanding of the relationship between technological advancements in computer science and humans living in society went destructively wrong. Though the side bar info graph, including Robocop and The Terminator did sort of make his theory seem more fanciful than harmful, depending on who one would choose to root for.

The fast car introduction could have been left out all together; no matter how beautiful, modern, or complicated its construction. Focusing on the adept acceleration and the dangerous nature of fast cars only deviated attention from the central idea of the article and it's purpose. Generally, readers will be able to get back in context, as they continue reading through Marche's Article. Here we offer you a look at Samsungs 105 inch Curved OLED  (Organic Light Emitting Diode) TV. Read on after checking out the video, to find how we expand on the idea of being in union with technology and what that means for more devices than OLED TV's and Smartphones. Then learn why brands, buyers and sellers should pay close attention to Rapper 50 Cent and his technology. Read More

Photo Credit: Walgreens