There are a host of people, especially celebs, who support various charities or for that matter create their own, collecting big money to help others. No one in their right mind would be against good attitudes or actions! That's not the way some of you may feel about Jay-Z's latest effort that serves up a double whammy so to speak. Not in a loser kind of way, though it seems so in the beginning. Fans and followers may feel like a loser or like their being prayed upon for cash, only if they fail to read the small print.  Jay-Z is giving his fans and many followers a chance to experience the good life. The winner of this latest contest will be rewarded with dinner at the 40/40 Club and a behind the scenes look at how things work at Roc Nation/Life & Times. Airfare and hotel accommodations are included! Nothing sounds wrong when you feel like you are on the receiving end of a good deal. You don't feel like a fool or like you are being played for one.

The problem with this seemingly good deal is, the $10 you think must be contributed to have a shot at being in the running, for your possible once in a lifetime chance, to snoop around Jay-Z's empire and get a free meal at the 40/40 Club.

Although, there may not be anything wrong with seeking out money that will ultimately be used to help aspiring College Students through the Shawn Carter Foundation, it is also important to see the other side. Fans may get salty enough to curse just because they feel like Jay-Z is being an opportunist.

There is no need to use swear words, calling Jay-Z every name but the child of God. If you would like to enter without making a contribution Go Here. Otherwise, Go Here if you are free to give. Remember, you will also have the chance to share your ideas. This is a great way to get fans/followers involved. The underlying message from Jay-Z seems to be, he wants to hear from fans.

Should money have been left out of the equation all together? Why or why not? Does this feel like a whammy or a blessing? Tell us what you think!

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