Our People, Our Future

First things first! President Obama and the family attends church, to begin Inauguration Celebration. Because this is President Obama's second term, there are more feelings of appreciation than a focus on the historical aspect of what it means in terms of race relations, for black people. Here is a photo of the first family.

Barack Obama - The First Family Departs The White House For Chicago
(June 14, 2012 - Source: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images North America)

Having an African American family in the White House doesn't mean that striving for more equality in America has ended. In fact, many American's living and working in this great country know all to well,  there is still a lot of work to be done, to improve race relations in the workplace. Depending on those holding leadership positions and how agendas are carried out, each of our stories will turn out differently, as we journey toward our own destiny. Often, our steps forward, to a better day, will play out like the progress of African Americans and so many others, in this great country.

People will take sides, people will join in to help, some will go forward, others will be held back, but we all will see change happening and witness a better day. Each American has their own journey toward a type of American dream, depending on personal expectations and choices made going forward. Not only is it important to look at how change happens in America, it is necessary to observe how change is unfolding globally. Doing so will help us all understand the concept of gradual change. Inauguration is the official start of a new beginning for everyone throughout the nation. At Abornewords we are expecting great things. Tell us what you think below.