American Spirit Legal Battle  May Change Smokers Perception

Cigarette Manufacturers need to be very cautious about their marketing strategies, if they are to avoid legal battles which could cost billions of dollars.  American Spirit Cigarettes are a popular choice for many smokers who are seeking a more premium tobacco experience.  Sante Fe Natural Tobacco Co. landed in a Mexico Courtroom recently, defending claims made by a Florida man and others joining in on a class action lawsuit, citing deceptive advertising, as the brand used natural as part of its marketing language. "The lawsuit argues that because the cigarettes are marketed as "additive free" natural and "organic" consumers think the American Spirit Cigarettes are safer to smoke...As an ex-smoker, I will say that many consumers will not care about the language or the harmful affects of cigarettes on the body.  Having freebase nicotine and ammonia included in tobacco mixtures can be more alluring for some smokers, even though it sounds potent, harmful, and addictive.  Unfortunately, like many smokers, I did not think much about my health or the ingredients, until I really wanted to change my lifestyle and habits and my choice had nothing to do with the language on cigarette packages or advertising I saw on billboards or in magazines.  Now the R.J. Reynolds Co. (American Spirit)  is using labels similar to the Surgeon General Warning included on cigarette packages to inform consumers that organic and no additives does not mean safer.  Meanwhile, Former House Speaker, Rep. John Boehner, has became a Board Member at R.J Reynolds.

John Boehner
Photo Credit: Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images

Boehner who has been very vocal about his smoking habit called cigarettes a legal product. We are just wondering here at Abornewords, how does John Boehner feels about marijuana? After all, marijuana is legal in quite a few states. Cigarettes and those who choose to smoke them will continue to create legal and political issues for Americans to support or reject. That is what our political system is all about. That's all.