Sometimes it's easy to focus on the negative. Today, on wht marks the 12th year of the 9/11 attacks, President Obama, has stood on the White House lawn with his wifey, Michelle Obama, and Vice Presient Biden, along with White House Staff members, Honor the many lives lost and those of the hero's who helped, changed, or somehow made a difference for so many over a decade ago.

Heads are bowing and many prayers are going up, calling for Gods grace and mercy.

Many will categorize terrorist attacks like the one occurring on September 11th as the worse type but violence of any kind is just plain wrong

Another issue getting lots of attention is Mississippi's open carry gun law. The proposed legislation was at first desciribed as vague. Fox News reported

"Opponents of the open-carry gun law say it has caused confusion about where people may carry guns that aren’t concealed. They also say it could put law enforcement officers in danger if people with no training are carrying guns."

Now that citizens not serving in law enforcement can carry guns legally, it could affect crime in positive ways, deterring it.

Legislation changes quickly and there is always shifts happening across state lines. The open carry gun law does not surprise me since we live in a country that has so many legal gun ranges.