We ended our Sunday Politicking Post long ago and stop featuring the political commentary of Gwen Ifill at the same darn time. Here at Abornewords words we try not to get to caught up in politics. Although, every now and then political ideologies somehow make it into our light.

Now, I'm not talking Bill O'Rielly or Rush Limbaugh, even though we could find something to at least laugh about, when it comes to these to characters, but I digress.

The issue at hand may have just been a political publicity stunt initiated by Charlie Crist Supporters. Take a look at what almost made it onto the Speedway Tracks in Daytona, for the Coke Zero 400 Race.

Yes, Crist Supporters wanted to display the name of the candidate on a car competing in the race. Who would have thought that the Crist Camp would attempt such a move. After all, Rick Scott is the one who is always being accused of being shady.

The attempt was thwarted, after an investigation revealed that it was against political candidacy rules. Members of the opposing camp made sure that the media took this story and ran with it. The Coke Zero Race went on as planned with cars racing to the finish. The rain eventually put a damper on things and the race was called in favor of Aric Almirola. The weird thing about all this is that there are some reports circulating that Rick Scott was named an Honorary Race Official. Am I the only one scratching my head right now?

Photo Credit: Instagram, Orlando Sentinal