Idaho Governor Butch Otter is in the hot seat for signing a letter requesting an end to DACA; a program designed to offer (Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals) who are in fact not legal immigrants.  The program offers relief and access to work permits to undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as young children.

Trump seems to have some supporters in Governor Butch Otter and the Attorney General there in the Gem State, when it comes to DACA Legislation which was enacted during The Obama Administration to help and protect illegals who entered the United States as young children.  Governor Butch Otter is apparently not available at present time for comment and Lieutenant Governor Brad Little has assumed his role of Acting Governor.  Is Butch Otter playing a game of hot potato or what?  Should we ask Diamond and Silk, The Stomp for Trump Queens to weigh in on this issue? 

It is not clear if Brad Little will be holding any press conferences to answer questions about DACA Laws but it is certainly something that distracts attention from President Trump, his so called Russian ties,  and the new Healthcare bills the Trump Administration is trying to push onto skeptical supporters to end Obama Care. What's clear is that Dreamers who are trying to live productive lives and care for their families.

Idaho is known as The Gem State for its abundance of natural resources and scenic areas, including Yellowstone National Park.  That’s all Kudos…

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