Obama Wins

Jay-Z must have envisioned the greatness that would define President Obamas entrance into the Oval Office. He proved his belief in the Presidential hopeful, back in 2008, when he supported him. He even made a song in honor of Obamas first term in the White House and a change in the course of history, as it is related to race in the White House. The song, History marked a New Day for America, setting our great country on a journey that has lead us to the moment we celebrate today, Baracks Obamas re-election. In honor of both President Obama and Jay-Z, we present you with this.

Finally, another four years!

It's oh.. So Presidentialr     Beyonce is giving clues       Who is Blue Ivy listening
so sweet the perfect gift      that something major is       to Jay-Z or Beyonce?
Hear Obama speak              in the works for music          Listen to History!