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Stephen Marche is someone I became fascinated with after reading an Esquire article he wrote about famous Chef Gordon Ramsey. My fascination with Marche seems to have surfaced again, after being dormant for so long. All it took to rekindle my Marche Inspiration was a few tweets posted by the Unmade Bed Writer which made his shares on the Trump-Trudeau meetup seem obsessive. It would be senseless for me to go on about how Twitter is helping me to stay connected to creative inspirations like Stephen Marche because it would appear as if I am going off topic from the what I will call his Handshake Obsession. It became obvious to me that I could spin this share into something that would likely entertain and inspire someone else. Trade and security is what Donald Trump and Prime Minister, John Trudeau were meeting to discuss. If you are interested in watching the press conference including both leaders, you can watch the video included below. For those of you who want to read some of the tweets posted by Stephen Marche, keep reading.

Stephen Marche shifted the focus form trade and security to the handshake and added wonder, humor, and obsession to diplomacy. Here is what the "Unmade Bed" Writer had to say about Trumps and Trudeau handshake, after watching it 1000 times.

"I wonder who will play Trump in the heritage minute about "The Handshake"
#Trudeaushake as a way for friendly foreign countries to deal with the United States during the Trump years: resist the jerking and smile."
The initial arm grab is the key I'm starting to realize. He's stabilizing the bicep so the forearm can't jerk to widely." #Trudeaushake
Literally, foreign leaders are going to be calling Trudeau so he can teach them how to shake hands with the President of The United States."
Up close this is an amazing handshake note how Trudeau is pulling at times and pushing at other times to keep his hand in the same spot."

Though Stephen Marche seemed to be obsessing about the Trump-Trudeau Handshake, he ultimately contradicts his actions by tweeting "Its something of a national achievement that Canada was able to bring one day of boredom to an America that desperately needed it." As a Blogger, the whole issue of Marche's Handshake Obsession is hilarious, aside from being something that superficially does not reveal what could be a more profound explanation for his habitual tweets on the subject. For example, digging deeper is what the Team Leads would remind me and other Health Agents to do when I was completing assessments for Health Insurance Prospects so I applied that same concept to this business about the Trump-Trudeau Handshake and began to wonder about the ever resurfacing Rumor about a Secret Society and a Secret Handshake.

Whether such things exist is still a matter of question but Stephen Marche managed to inspire me with his Handshake Obsession. I laughed out loud and I am still wondering, if there is a more profound meaning to his series of tweets. Then, there is this Gif Image of President Trump and Kanye, adding a little more drama to this share.


That's all. Kudos....