There are many ways that insecurities can surface in our lives and be noticeable to to those we interact with as we work, play and transact business on a day to day basis. Being to concerned about what others think of us or not thiking enough of ourselves can set us up for feeling and acting insecure.

It may not be easy to understand how someone can get to that place when its not you dealing with insecurity issues directly but when the POTUS (President Of The United States) accuses someone like Oprah of being insecure, how could you not take notice. Picture the scene; Oprah asking questions and acting uncertain or unsure of herself and being flabbergasted without a way to recover. Thinking of that scene, it seems highly unlikely especially since Oprah has been asking questions since her hair roller days before she ever got a flat iron. With that being said, you can check out Oprah's Contributions to CBS All Access here. Keep in mind, you will need to be a subscriber to watch Oprah and her insecurities. If this scoop does not have you anxious to watch Oprah and her shameful media moment, according to Trump? I still have something you can relate to from Jazmine Sullivan. It's her video for her song called Insecure. Besides, I am sure Oprah has more important things than Trumps Tweets to worry about, especially since Tyler Perry will not be creating content for her OWN Network in 2019. That's all. Kudos...

That's all. Kudos..

Photo Credit: Instagram