Today I am pleased to announce that I scored my first Proctor & Gamble Campaign and since here at Abornewords we love to be informative and entertaining, we want you to know that our blessing to be a part of this wonderful Campaign came as a result of Bzz Agent, a site that is all about the buzz! A former Supervisor of mine named Eyvonne gave me a heads up on this site, when we were chatting it up at the gym and believe me this blessing came to me as I held back the tears. I hope you are feeling blessed right now too. That was part of the informative part; now let's add in a little entertainment to this informative mix.

Toilet Seat Product Manager, Jerry Bougher said "Using the toilet is not always the most gracious experience" Kohler he directed the attention to their development process and how it could provide a more gracious lifestyle for clients who buy Kohler Products.

Talking about tissue is not to gracious either. However the little, cartoon figured bears on the package makes sharing a lot easier. It looks like they are ready for an episode of Looney Tunes, including Yoogi Bear or something. Well, there are messages everywhere and many ways to to look at the TP experience, as I soon realized. I knew I had to make my fluffy experience, with Charmin Basic, something that you would never forget. So here it goes!

Here is a funny real life experience that will likely make this something to remember. Before I share this conversation verbatim, you need to know that the Charmin Bears kind of made this even more funny, when I thought about this scenario in terms of animation.

Besides being pleased with the fluffiness and the fact that buying Charmin Basic means using less to get dry and cleaned up, here is how a few text in conversation helped me to picture Charmin Basic and the bears in a whole new light.

Me:.......seeing bears in some Florida neighborhoods raiding trash cans for food; that is something I was not use to when I lived in New Orleans.......

My cousin: Oooo, bears! Ohh my goodness! Well, I guess they get hungry too. I saw a bear on the internet that had gotten a bucket stuck on his head. Bless his heart, he couldn't see where he was going for some days, but a park ranger and some other guys got it off of him. It was cute because the bear was probably being nosey in the bucket and couldn't get it off.

Me: Lucretia you are hilarious! I felt the shock and comical delivery of your words.......

That is how our conversation had me all caught up and thinking about Charmin Basic and the bears in a whole new light. The next time you reach for your TP(toilet paper) #TweetFromTheSeat Those Charmin Bears are nosy!

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