In the wake of Macys testing same day delivery in an effort to compete with the likes of Amazon and other retailers using the Omni Channel Model like Best Buy who has a specific area designated in store for ordering and same day pick, Macys is getting some help from Ryan Seacrest.

Yes, the blonde with the microphone and a good talking game is likely to help Macys increase their popularity. Here's the reason we think Macys will get a boost in the Most Popular Category and also entice men and their wives to buy, buy, buy! The word oomph was even used.

Ryan Seacrest a sat down with Bloomberg to talk about his Ryan Seacrest Distinction Line to give consumers an idea of how involved he would be with the line and creative direction. Though he said "I don't profess to know everything about this world, I know what I like, I know I have a point of view" , he did seem excited about all the research he had done along the way. Ryan Seacrest stated that his suits were for anyone and would also be perfect for the Red Carpet. He alluded to the fact that millennials would be interested in his suit line. He may be onto something too. Young people really care about their appearance and are willing to pay for quality.

In fact, some young adults will even buy custom to ensure that the details are exactly perfect. My son has actually purchased quite a few Custom Made Suits and is actively working with a designer, doing the measuring for fittings, and taking appointments to show off fabrics and patterns, to potential buyers. You may want to contact him for more details, if you live in Florida or the surrounding area. If you want your name inside of your Custom Made Suit instead of Ryan Seacrest, then call him at 321-917-7892 or contact him on his Facebook Page.

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