Right now, there is lots to do in my household these days. Things need organizing, extra care and a little of Tinkle Bells Pixie Dust to help us create a more productive home environment.

To get started, my Son and I took on a home improvement repair project and I'll admit, we were kind of forced into doing it, simply because the faucet was leaking and the cold water nozzle was broken and corroded.

The landlords were not available so we had to get it done! Of course, I was the first one to spring into action.

What the faucet looked like after the repair

Walmart made it easy to find what we needed at reasonable prices. The Mainstays Brand offered a compatible version of what we were using for the 2 handle bathroom faucet, so I picked that up along with an angle valve for wall pipe while I was out doing some grocery shopping. Thank goodness for Super Center Walmart Stores. Since we did not have a tool box in the house I also grabbed some slip joint pliers and a 2-piece locking pliers set, made of heavy duty steel. That would help with disconnecting the water supply hoses.

After I brought those home, my part in doing the job was practically done, unless you count me cleaning up a little bit of dry rotted wood that fell on the floor from beneath the sink. My Son handled the rest of the task related to getting the sink up and running again. Though it took him a while to begin the task, he is a tube of putty away from fully completing the job. He just has to connect the under piping and we are all done. 

The tools and supplies used

What the faucet looked like before

It is really nice to have a 22 year old Son who is willing to tackle a few repair jobs. Just like seeing my child accept his diploma at High School Graduation or watching him leave the house for his first work day, this was a moment that made me feel proud to be a Mother and proud of my Son. He is truly following in the footsteps of his Grandfather, a guy who can fix just about anything.

What Home Improvement Projects have you taken on in your home and where did you find the best deals on the supplies and tools you needed?