Are Reward Cards becoming the new tool used by retailers to gamify the customer experience? There will be execs who shy away from this idea, if for nothing more than to create a complicated jargon related report that essentially proves that's exactly whats happening.

Customers are buying into the idea, cashing in on savings rewards and making their dollars and cents add up on the bottom lines of their bank accounts. They don't really care if you call it gamification or improving the customer experience.

Walgreens launched their New Balance Rewards Program "after a number of years of research, testing, and piloting". Since last year after the launch in mid September, customers are still cashing in and cashing out with the saving they want and the products they need.

In customer service roles like Beauty Advisor and Service Clerk, you get a chance to observe customer behavior and shopping patterns. Customers have fun when using coupons to save money. Loyalty Programs improves upon that concept, making saving more fun, more engaging, and more efficient. With Walgreens, Balance Rewards helped "strengthen their ability to understand customers and their needs". It is also helping to drive home their mission to bring customers to "the place where happiness and health come together, to help folks get, stay, and live well". Additionally, the Balance Rewards Program ties into Corporate Objectives to connect customers with useful products that make their lives better. The Balance Rewards Program is also helping to put earth friendly, toxin-free products in the spotlight.

Here are 9 products offered at Walgreens that are helping you score points with Mother Earth!

Scott Naturals Towels 6ct=1000 points

Method Dish Soap (2)=1000 pts.

Lysol Power & Free Cleaners (2)=1000 pts.

Burt's Bees (excluding lip products)=2,500 pts.

Vita Coco 16.9 oz=1000 pts.

Ology=1000 points

Shea Moisture=2000 points

Brita Classic Pitcher/3 pck. Filter=4000 pts.

Seventh Generation=1,500 points

Earn your 15,000 points with porducts that are healthier and safer for you, your family, and the environment. Healthier and cleaner products at the corner of "Happy & Healthy".

Does points make Loyalty Programs sound like gamification, savings, or rewards?

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