A visual of the idea of a Smart Home _____ Credit: Future For All

Thinking in terms of Smart Homes we often think of modern computerized connectivity where everything is usually just a switch/button away. That is a good way of acknowledging that having a Smart Home means being connected and that quick and convenient is somehow tied into automation.

Living better and experiencing an enhanced quality of life usually means that changes have happened in our environment or within ourselves to help us work, play and live better and more productively. Sometimes that does mean the we are able to accomplish task in a more efficient manner. For example, toilets and washing machines help us get things done more expeditiously.

What happens when everything around you seems to be changing and you fail to make upgrades or do not see the need to do so? In business it could go either way, working in your favor or working against you. Either of which could be detrimental or profitable to your bottomline. However, in your personal life your choices are not always tied to earning potential and therefore you may feel more comfortable maintaining the status quo and not moving fast on innovation.

Consider this: Most homes/houses and apartments are designed to include central air and heating systems. However, you live in an old house and have chosen not to install a modern heating and cooling system. Therefore, ventilation is limited and usually requires you to open windows and doors.

Considering your options for ventilation are more important than heating and cooling the home because of things like odor control, mold, dust, and airborne pathogens. There is something you can do to improve the air circulating in your home that helps to improve air quality. Purchasing a few Germ Guardians to situate in rooms throughout your home can help and there are even smaller plug in units for the wall. No excuses!

The product features promise that the UV-C Technology works to kill germs(airborne included). Charcoal Filters even help to eliminate household odors, a feature that would help with shut in odors and stuffiness. For Pet Owners and allergy sensitive members of your family, pollen and pet dander are no match for the Germ Guardian either. I don't know about you, but I am convinced that the Germ Guardian would work well in my home. What about you? Do you live in a modern home equipped with the latest conveniences and how is automation making life easier for you and your family?

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