Tiffany & Co. Marketing Campaign from Jennifer Murdix

Hold ratings by Financial Analyst' may have some investors in the Stock Market skeptical about Jeweler Tiffany & Co. but we still think the brand is fabulous over here at Abornewords. Their prowess has everything to do with the feeling they create for consumers who see their inventory as being creme de la creme (the very best) and its that type of branding and a few other strategic moves, like their new retail location opening in Sydney International Airport, in Australia, that will help keep them at the top of their game. Though holiday sales showed a decrease in consumer spending, Tiffany's most recent performance showed an earning increase of $3.73 versus $1.40 per share in the previous year. That means investors should be encouraged that stock prices may continue to rise. In a numbers game like the stock market there are always going to be wins and losses. What we can be sure of is, diamonds are still a girls best friend. Jay Z knew it and that's why his "might light your wrist" line is synonymous with bling, bling and still famous today.


Source: Ragtrader