Clinique uses a water balloon illustration to describe their Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+. If you have not realized all the beneficial results of this great product and others like it, then you are missing out. “What skin needs is the ability to hold on to moisture” Your sunscreen cannot give your skin all it needs. Moisturizer helps your skin maintain adequate moisture levels while also decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

After working as a Beauty Advisor for more than 6 years and frequently testing so many popular brands, it's obvious that the basics of a daily skin regimen have not changed. Cleanse tone, moisturize, and protect.

Doing all those things matters, if you want to achieve dramatically different skin. Thankfully, Clinique is reminding us what we want in appearance from our skin.

This new formula promises more elasticity. Yes it’s supposed to be a lot like the feel or a water balloon that has not burst. Soft and springy is how Clinique describes it. It’s the perfect brand to try for a deviation from drugstore brands. Find it on Clinique’s website.