Dull Skin Begone

"Glow All The Way deep tan instant bronze & gradual self tanner infused with 24 karat gold not tested on animals"

Not enough information to convince you to buy? Deep Tan #438 is the highest strength available, but there are a couple of other to choose from, depending on your skin tone. We must warn you! Hard Candy is so addictive. Your skin will look so great after the first application. Still hesitant? It's totally understandable, if you never thought that your brown skin needed a little extra care to glow and look great.

Some common skin care problems that Hard Candy can help to improve are:
___ uneven skin tone
___ dullness
___ discoloration (scarring)
___ sun spots/brown spots
___ noticable hair follicles
___ darkened elbows/knees

The idea that you can roll out of bed and look picture perfect is unrealistic. Your skin needs attention! Your skin regimen may be as simple as applying only a body lotion or a body butter. Too cool, if that's all you need. Those are essentials to the overall skin maintenance routine too. Except, it should not be where everything ends. Don't forget sunscreen and other goodies. The extras will give you an age to appreciate. Before we tell you more about what Hard Candy can do for you, we want to share a few things that will probably take you back.

Many of you will laugh and feel a sense of satisfaction once you try Hard Candy, if you had a grandmother that absolutely did not tolerate black knees and elbows. Let me guess, her advice was like that of many elderly ladies, she told you that little girls should not be down on their knees racing cars with boys. Maybe, she did not approve of short shorts or those tank tops your mother dressed you in either. Lots of lotion and a nice dress with crossed legs was probably a Kodak moment for her right? Well Grandma may not be around anymore to hear about this solution, but one day we want you to share it with your daughters. Take our advice! You won't be sorry. Hard Candy Glow All The Way is a instant tanner/bronzer that will help fix many of those common skin care problems mentioned above.

Oh and what about those hair follicles that show or that hair on your fingers. You will be happy to know that Hard Candy is a simple answer for those issues. Just apply a quarter size amount directly to the skin and rub it in. It's that easy! Want to shave your legs less or not at all? Hard Candy Glow All Day is the answer. The formula will bronze you up ladies and gents. If you are only slightly hairy, it camouflages well. Ashy dull skin can be a problem all year long. Not any more. For those times when you want to show a little more skin, Hard Candy will help give you the glow you need to look your best. Remember that sun tan lotion, sunless tanners, and body bronzers are for African Americans too. Don't be fooled by the hype. Many women keep quiet about some of their best beauty secrets. Some of you may have more pigmentation in your skin or a naturally glowing look. Good for you. For those of us whose skin has less color and shows a dull appearance, Hard Candy is the way to go. One last thought that may help to win you over. If your face is darker than the rest of your body, you have to try Hard Candy.

*Product can also be used on the face (we suggest w/o make up)
*Use caution after applying (no repeated abrasive contact with clothing) product washes off easily
use like lotion, do not over layer. (lasts 3-4 weeks with normal use)

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