You may think that I have concocted some unique ingredients like Carols Daughter and somehow achieved a perfect ratio of vitamins to minerals, for facial treatments, but that's not true, at all. I'm not trying to be a chemist; at least not in this post. It's all about practicality and maybe improvising my way into a beauty routine that not only saves me money but provides a similar experience to a more complicated alternative.

Practical has to be something that works for you and not necessarily someone else. In this case,avoiding an actual facial is what I'm hoping you will accomplish using a cream cleanser, like I did.

Why it will work?

A. Cream Cleansers have the same texture as facial mask products do. Some even have exfoliating beads in them.
B. Cream Cleansers can be spread all over the face in the same manner as a mask.
C. You can tie up your head with a towel or wear a turban to get a spa-like effect, just like you do at the spa or at home on facial day.
D. Improvising does not mean you get cheated out of R&R. Relax.

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Since the directions on cream cleansers recommend that you leave the cream cleanser on at least a couple of minutes or until it drys, why not take it a step further? Take a few extra minutes! Get in your Spa Chair or pull out your beach/lawn chair and improvise why don't you. I like to lay back with a magazine in hand. Next, proceed in the same way as you do on DIY Facial Day. Rinse and pat your face dry. You don't want to scratch your face by being to rough. Lastly, tone and moisturize and you will feel fresh, new, and ready to put your best face forward.

As a Beauty Advisor, I recommended that facials be performed at least once a week. Maybe do it yourself facial days are not your thing and the idea of a lawn chair, sitting in the hall, might make you want to gag. Just try to remember that beauty routines are a way for you to treat yourself to some me time. It really doesn't matter if you stay home or go to your favorite spa. The point is to take time out for you and always be willing to improvise.