Hold the Botox & Juvederm
Ladies it's time to take care of our skin right so that we can put our best face forward!

Beauty and the body, call her what you want! Wendy Williams opted for a little help with those fine lines that start to appear on most women sometime in their thirties. Yes, lady double U has openly shared her beauty secrets. Compliments to Botox! Wendy is the Talk Show Host who is tuning up her countenance with a little more than the latest beauty products. How may you help her? Heels and Botox please!

Microdermabrasions use to be the most coveted dermatology treatment. Now Derm Docs are serving up a little something extra on the treatment tray. In this day and age, the pressure to remain youthful is on and popping! The fact that woman are constantly looking for the latest anti-aging creams is not surprising at all. In magazines, the glamorous, airbrushed images that often show these chiseled faces, has a lot to do with upsurge of dermatologist visits from women and men alike seeking to have more advanced procedures. Don't buy into the idea that women are waiting for those first fine lines to show up. Women in their twenties are starting to purchase anti-aging products early, in an effort to freeze the aging process. Young girls are very impressionable, and the magazine photographers make it look so easy. Take a look at the image below. Pay close attention to the lines around the mouth that appear to be more defined because of the big smiley face I'm sporting.

The lines are called marionette lines a.k.a laugh lines. They are what define our expression when we show emotion using facial expressions. Women often start to notice these lines more in their 30's. The lines are usually very fine and can be treated with creams, lotions, and moisturizers, depending on the preference of the patron. Since marionette lines are a common area of concern affecting women of all ethic backgrounds, we want to provide a few suggestions on how you can improve your look before deciding to partake in more advanced procedures like Botox or Juvederm.

Fillers are what most women raid beauty aisles for, when those first fine lines show up on the face. One that works particularly well is Olay Rengenerist. It is ideal for use on your natural skin or with a very minimum amount of makeup. In this case less is more. The results turn out better, if you go all natural. However, if you need to layer on a little more, the application process can be a bit more tricky. Depending on the color of your foundation and the skill of your blending technique, you could be in for a pleasant surprise. The main thing is to create a flawless finish that shows an instant reduction of those marionette lines, so play around in the mirror until you get it just right. With highlighting, the key is finding the right colors to use on the skin. Neutral, nudes, and earth tone palettes can help during blending and contouring just like bronzers can. Celebrity make-up artist Ashunta Sheriff, in Ebony Magazines October issue, shared beauty secrets on how she gets Keri Hilson Red Carpet ready.

Highlighting and contouring seems to rank high on the list for Sheriff too. One of her tips is how she used an eye make-up product on Hilson to help contour her nose, to create a naturally glowing look. Use her example and realize the importance of finding just the right product to work for you. The Naturally Gorgeous Palette by Hard Candy is one every woman should own. It's a safe choice that will help to soften your look, especially around your eyes. Once you have tested a few colors on your chosen palette, you will know what works best for you. Next, brush over your laugh lines, making sure that your application blends well with the rest of your skin tone. Alfred Fornay also suggest using less makeup near the bottom of the face, to create a flawless finish. It really helps you to create a more natural look. To each his own, just remember to use moisturizer/day & night creams to help maintain your youthful appearance. Trying these tips will help you avoid advanced procedures like Botox and Juvederm. If you are still interested in these procedures please consult with your Dermatologist, and do a little research, before making a decision to go Bo or Juve. Although Wendy Williams chose to go Botox, using makeup as an alternative is more practical and less expensive.

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