Ballers & Rappers Mentality

It's on! It's on in the Rap Game! When Master P comes out rapping about how he balls, we expect great things to start jumping off! This new song puts him in the company of Superstar Baller Dwight Howrd, the new Laker Team Member.

The strategic move to make a track that includes the baller in some way may be Master P's way of boosting promotion for a major new album. The only caution in the air is the suspicion that this new record is really just Master P's way of helping out a friend. However, some fans are interpreting the record as a sign of introduction for Dwight Howard's move to the West Coast. That's not to hard to believe. Think about it for a minute. Here's two reasons Abornewords believes this theory is highly probable.

_____ Dwight Howard will be playing with a team of aggressive ball players
_____ Howard has also been labeled as playful and youthful by some journalist and players alike

Those two facts alone makes it very likely that Dwight Howard may want to send a strong message to fellow ballers and fans too. His association with someone like Master P will only help to drive home the message that Howard is up for the challenge of paying with the Laker Family. Master P knows what street life is all about and has used his savvy to turn his street life into a profitable career. Dwight Howard is in good company with Master P and his new Laker Family! These guys win bookoo rings!! We wonder if we can expect to see Howard receive some finger bling, like Lebron, soon.