Looking Good In Houston

One Reporter used the "Houston we have a problem" phrase while sharing the news of Dwight Howards free agency move to Texas. It wasn't a total shock after hearing several televised sports casters speculate on which way Superstar Howard would go. it was clear before number 12 made his decision that he had more than enough prospective teams to choose from. Now we know Houston won! The buzz of the news spread like wild fire and so did Kobe Bryants Twitter Account moves.

After hearing of Dwight Howard's choice to take his front and center to The Lone Star State of Texas, Kobe Bryant decided to let his Twitter Action speak for him. He unfollowed Dwight Howard! We are sure here at Abornewords that Dwight Howard will not lose any sleep or swag over it. Take a look at Dwight Howard looking Sportsman Fly in a suit!

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