Asics is a show brand but they are taking their brand to the next level by leveraging a position in The Tennis Market, offering a racket that has the same appeal as their Sneaker Brand or at least a colorful design scheme that models it's athletic shoes.

There were numerous test and trials according to a First Serve Report in Tennis Magazine's Hero Issue. The metallic looking grayish/silver cover for November/December really made me want to peep inside. When I did, I got a few wonderful surprises. I got a chance to see a pull out poster size view of Asics BZ100 Tennis Racket and also found out that the official car for the US Open is the Mercedes Benz GLA. Who knew? What we do know is that this sounds wonderful even with the doom of what Adidas did with their short-lived attempt to enter this very competitive market.

The eye catching neon color palette of the Asics BZ100 still can have a different faith. Just thinking about their racket ending up in the hands of greats like The Williams Sisters, Serena and Venus on the green is exciting. The bring style and color to the court all the time and both are into fashion. The BZ100 may be a stylish addition to their on court performance that will turn a few heads. Okay, I'll admit, the thought of a Celebrity using any brand adds more appeal to the marketing mix. Although, there may be quite a few other things that makes The BZ100, and its $189 dollar price tag, more appealing to buyers. For one, the colorful design and higher degree of controllable power. Controlling power is something that Tennis Pros have to consider all the time in addition to things like bending zone and durability. The Asics Sneaker Brands popularity in 2013 was a success with a ranking of number 2 in the Shoe Market so we are hoping for great things with this new venture.
Are you into wall pin ups and the Asics Brand? If so, we think you are going to be one of those fans who decides to pin The BZ100 up right next to Serena and Venus. Show us who is getting your sneaker and racket love on our Facebook Page and we will be sure to shout you out.

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Photo Credit: Tennis Warehouse