Once we say goodbye to the frigid winter weather, it's time to get ready for bright colors, cute dresses, trendy sandals, and a shoe game to match the cool looks of spring that easily transition into summer.

Fashion Stylist Dawn Del Russo is always our go to girl for what's hot and trending in fashion. Here she is with cool looks, hot accessories and all the minutia on how to get our looks right.

Well, as you can see, Dawn Del Russo knows her stuff and she gets around when it comes to television. Yet, she is also making an impact on women and girls all the time with her book, summer camp appearances and her Blog called An Intimate Affair With Fashion, it seems like she is just everywhere.

Though I expected more from her book, her 100 tips were actually straight to the point. I enjoyed it because of the illustrations and the fact that it's organization was fun, youthful and playful. It is certainly something that Moms can feel at ease with introducing to girls of all ages. Why not get our girls ready for fashion early. You can purchase her book here.