This December brings tidings concerning my employment status. I handed in my resignation at Best Buy this past week but my commitment to creating brand awareness and promoting products is just as strong as ever. That's why I had to share this Win The Holidays Commercial including Aunt Carol because she is showing off her style with red lipstick just like me!

When you see my photos below you will probably find this post to be hilarious.  Those who live in my immediate area and those who work with me in Retail will find this Win The Holidays share even funnier than readers who may not see me face to face simply because I often change my look by making small changes to my make up.  Recently I switched to a red lipstick made by Wet & Wild.  Check out my photos below.

Wet & Wild Lipstick in Just Garnet

Who looks better, me or Aunt Carol?

My Mother would say,  you have to know when to say when.  To me that means setting boundaries in my life that I would not violate for anyone or anything and also that I should remind myself never to go to far.  Today I am  saying win with my lipstick because it's about the brand and now I'm a part of the story.  I hope this makes you want to track what I'm doing on Abornewords even more.