"To make a big decision we must not only listen to others but be heard, we must not only ask the right questions but know how to answer them quickly too. To make a big decision, you need to understand every point of view while never doubting your own"

That quote is only a fraction of the most informative and inspirational advertisement I have seen lately for the Blackberry Passport. We don't carry these in store at Best Buy or at Best Buy Mobile. Can anyone tell me why these fell off in the first place? Have they really though? You will have to judge for yourself, after you consider a few things.

Making sense of their whole marketing strategy, maybe we can infer that Blackberry Passports are made for a specific type of consumer. Is it you and why? Does your job put you in high demand to see things differently, to respond with more accuracy, or to just be different than everyone else? You might want to own of these, if this sounds a tad bit like you.

Blackberry is clearly identifying a target market group, judging from the visuals in the video. First and foremost, congratulations are in order and secondly, I want this phone! The implication of the video advertisement is that Blackberry may not be worldwide but it is work wide, used and accepted by some professionals who matter.

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