Lens Click N Moms will be at the Conference in October in San Antonio, TX, listening to Speakers who have lots to share about photography. One item that I am planning to add to my Abornewords Wish List which I created on bestbuy.com is a Canon Camera. Why? Must you even ask? Well, for starters, I am a Blogger and photos help to make the content I share more visually appealing and the words just seem to come alive, once I add a great photo into the mix. The next reason is I just love to look at good photos. Seeing an image allows me to somehow share in the moment and from the experience I gain inspiration to create even more great content. Then, I dream of the miraculous while living my best life. Digital Imaging love is so necessary and it's not because Jay Z takes amazing pictures. It's actually because I read about the Click N Moms Conference coming up in October and also because I am still employed at Best Buy. Not to mention, I want to provide information that will help alleviate the fear of using new technology and providing useful tips that will point consumers in the right direction when they enter Best Buy looking for a new camera is my motivation too.

Before I give you more useful information about the benefits of using Canons 15-55mm lens and others like it, you should keep in mind that using lenses is not only for Professional Photographers.  Technology that you are unfamiliar with can sometimes be intimidating. That's why using cameras with lenses can seem complicated  to the novice, especially if you are use to taking photos with point and shoot cameras. Before you opt for a point and shoot camera or opt for the new instamatic now called the Fuji Instax, consider the benefits of working with a cameras with lenses.


  • Capture wider angles using zoom
  • good for use with high megapixel cameras
  • use features like image stabalization (prevents blurring)
  • works well with tripod
  • Canon's EF-S 15-55mm lense fits all EF-S compatible model and Rebel Series
  • more professional look

The Canon EF-S Lens may not be included in a bundle kit but it is a great option if getting a wider field of view is important to you. Think about how many times you couldn't capture everyone in a photo the way you wanted to using a particular pose or the imagery that sometimes got left out of the background. You may not be sold on the power of owning a camera that uses lenses but the next time you are in Best Buy, you may find yourself thinking of my words. The result, you take a walk through Best Buy and browse our Camera Section.

Photo Credit: ClickinMoms

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