Creating opportunities to encourage engagement is vital in creating loyalty in a world where digital technology rules and the power has been taken away from regular programming and the commercial slots which use to earn billions for television networks are now playing second fiddle to Hulu, Pluto and other subscription services and apps which are now programmed into flat screens at purchase. Thinking about how technology advanced from the wooden floor model, bulky televisions and Cox Cable really creates nostalgia but not enough to make me ever want to give using my remote control to explore endless amounts of content available for my viewing pleasure on Hulu.

Let's get real! It is all about creating awareness which ends with a purchase or repeat business. Once a brand is front and center, it has the attention of the consumer. The next step is, how will the consumer engage before and after purchase and become loyal? Repeat business demonstrates the type of loyalty that keeps brands relevant so I will ask you this, is Bitski Jay-Z's attempt at creating another way for consumers to engage with his brand(s)? In the midst of his investments in multiple businesses like Monogram and his trademark filing for a production company, it seems obvious that he is not letting up on creating brands and the media is keeping the news, of his business moves, hot off the press. I can not tell you how much sales increased for Monogram when Sounds from the Grow Room was released or how many people thought the playlist was cool. What I can tell you is that it is hard not to think about the Monogram Brand when there is a playlist dedicated to songs where the lyrics mention weed and play to the emotionally feeling of being in a higher state of mind whether slightly loaded or on no. 88 or experiencing the OG Handroll.

Bitski is giving consumers a way to trade NFT (digital currency) so there we have another way to stay engaged or trade the things we own and value. New technology and new ways to share, use and sell what we value will likely continue to amaze us and keep us connected and waiting for the next best thing. We just have to make sure we are in the right state of mind to ensure we do not miss out on opportunities to participate. Decide whether you will be creating like Rally users or buying and selling on Bitski.