For some reason, every time I hear Saturday Night Live (SNL) I think about Eddie Murphy, his distinctive laugh, and watching him showing off his range, as an actor comedian. Though I was only a youngster at the time, it had a very profound impact on the way I started to see Black Men in the world. Murphy's ability to stay in character helped to solidify his Celebrity Status early on and his legacy was clear from start. He had it, SNL knew it and so did everyone else.

Donald Trump hosting SNL made the the news so I guess it's safe to say that Trump, his hair and his Republican Presidential Views, will make up the punchlines,during his appearance. I am sure it will be as entertaining as it was to watch the SNL cast act out their skit of what it's like to attend a Best Buy Meeting (we have these a few times a year).

The content can be a little abrasive some times and needless to say vulgar but it can make for some amusing entertainment. If you can manage to get though the potty mouth fever that the cast catches per episode, the skits can be quite amusing. If Donald Trump is to much for you, take out your clothespins, grunt, and bare it.  They say you've made it once you make it to SNL so I guess we can say that Eddie Murphy, Donald Trump, and Best Buy are the big time! Regardless of Best Buy's SNL Spotlight feature, Tech Heroes is a major step forward for us as well because it's helping to forge and show that the need for technology is ageless. Learning to use it properly can take us all to new places outside of our comfort zones. That's exactly what happened when Best Buy patterned with Cyber Seniors and the Boys and Girls Club of America, two non-profits, in Washington D.C. By bringing together a mix of seniors and teens, Best Buy helped to inform and educate everyone about technology and it's future in our everyday lives.

A reception took place at the event and Best Buy Team Members, including Geek Squad Trainers,lead the technology demonstrations. If you are thinking about product or appliance upgrades and are a little confused about how beneficial upgrading can be come in to Best Buy and speak with a Blue Shirt and bring your little youngsters along. You will not only leave informed but you will open the minds of our future leaders up to the endless possibilities of technological advances being made everyday. My Daddy said that my Great Grand Mother would always say, " boy what you don't know will make a whole new world". I think they both may be onto something.