Advertising At It's Best

I'll admit, I am not a big Football Fan! However, I do love to watch the guys compete and the creative commercials and Halftime Shows are really something to see, as well. This year some media outlets were reporting on the mood associated with the advertisements, saying they were full of melancholy. I do not know if I would totally agree with that since I found a bit of inspiration from one ad in particular. Even if talk of those feelings rubbed off on you, we want to remind you of how Rapper Missy Elliot gave Katy Perry the extra boost she needed to really wow the crowd, adding in lots of Hip-Hop Energy. We also want to offer some of the hope we noticed from one Microsoft Commercial that aired during game time. Take a look before I share more on this inspiration.

Steve Gleason is featured in a Microsoft Commercial using a Microsoft Surface Tablet to communicate

I became so inspired because of something I had watched on the BBC World News Channel a week earlier, Jaipur Technology. Jaipur Technology is helping to give amputees of war and otherwise, a better quality of life. has all the details on these cheap (to produce) prosthetic devices.

Composition (Fabrication & Materials)    

  • high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes
  • HDEP is light weight thermoplastic with high impact resistance and tensile strength   

Jaipur Technology has improved since these early stages and is helping 16,000 amputees every year

While over 16,000 Jaipur Prosthetic Devices are issued per year, the technology for the most part is helping those in world countries like India, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. As far as World Countries go, BBC World News offered an explanation as to why amputees see the Doctors and Jaipur Technology as a Godsend. According to testimonials given by some locals, being an amputee is associated with bad karma, curses and the like, so no one wants to perceived in that way.  Getting a Prosthetic Limb help many amputees avoid such stigmas.

Since I dated an amputee and worked with many amputees during my medical career, I know how much prosthetic devices help to improve their quality of life. What these Doctors and people have been able to accomplish with plastic pipes, at such a low cost, is truly breathtaking.

I hope you loved learning about Jaipur Technology as much as I did.