Facial Recognition Technology is what many brands and advertisers are head over heels about, these days. Wondering why? The technology is being used to target consumers on a more personal level. Call the information collected big data or small data but it's making a real difference in how businesses and brands reach us.

In Rohit Bhargava's book, Non Obvious: How To Think Different, Curate Ideas And Predict The Future, he shared insight on how one Comedy Club Owner is using Facial Recognition Technology to determine how much to charge attendees and the metrics are according to how much they laugh.

Game Developers are realizing the value of Facial Recognition Technology too. Their plan is to use the technology to adjust the level of difficulty during game play, depending on a player's responses, making the game more or less challenging and even affecting in application ordering.

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The Rose Lee Show offers viewers content with substance with many product features that show off lots of trending technology. Intel's thinnest tablet was featured on a recent episode and though there is much to love about Next Generation Intel Tablets, the Facial Recognition Technology was one of the highlights I could not forget.

Does knowing about Facial Recognition Technology make you feel like you are being spied on?

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