Some of you may prefer the term Arm Bracelet because you want to incorporate a sense of style into your activity routine. So be it! I will just tell you that my headphones fit comfortably snug around my ears, due to the curvature that wears similar to Bluetooth earpieces. My earphones are not wireless but came equipped with a soft wire which works as the antenna for FM reception, according to the Insignia manual.

Unlike some devices, my Insignia Radio bracelet came with batteries included! Yes, I scored big time, saving money on the initial battery purchase. Energy drink anyone? Now there's something to do with the money I saved on batteries.

The face of my Insignia device is bright yellow and has a gray frame with controlling buttons to match. There is even a digital clock of it. Though you may have already upgraded to an mp3 player or iPod, armband radios are still on the market and very affordable too! Their great to use if you want to stay current on what is trending on your local Radio Station and also efficient for use during workouts. Staying active is much easier for me now. Today I walked a couple of miles and time just flew. Other features to look for are:

  • Detachable armband strap (velcro) snaps in using 1 step assembly
  • a memory button for programming
  • Insignia name brand on headphones
  • LCD flashing low batter indicator
  • Belt clip option
  • Ear clip design headphones

You may not be ready to start tracking your fitness activity using a Fitbit or a Jawbone Fitbess band. Therefore, an Insignia Armband Radio could work perfectly and keep you entertained. It's the perfect in between before a transition to a Fitness Band.

Enjoying music, news, and Radio Personalities is much easier for me now. The light weight design does not feel heavy on my wrist either. There is also an additional 90 day limited warranty, so I'm feeling pretty secure. I also brought my first 2 year Geek Squad Protection Plan. Yeah!

Here are a few areas of caution to consider before you buy:

  • To set time, the device should be turned off (otherwise you may think its broken)
  • High exposure to heat or cold could affect display brightness
  • If the sound/reception is eak/interrupted, it does not always mean batteries are weak.  Try sitting near a window

Window seat anyone?

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