Samsung is still making big waves in tech! Superstar Singer Janelle Monae and all her eye catching hairdo's provide the proof that we are dead on right! A major accomplishment for the Singer was performing at this years Essence Festival in New Orleans. On the first night of the festivities, she took the stage by storm, creating a milestone in her career. Now she is taking her stage presence to another level and blazing through her very creative Electric Lady Video. Take a look at Covergirl Janelle Monae, as she ignites in Electric Lady below.

Janelle Monae's Style will sometimes make you look twice because it's eccentric but in a very good way. Odd, different, strange or whatever you want to call it, she wears it well. From her hair to her shoes, the singing sensation puts on layers that seem to make her average frame and perfect skin stand out even more. Like neon lights in the midnight hour, you can't miss her presence.

In the video, Monae's fashion caught my eye and reminded me of a look I had seen on New Orleans Rapper Lana Amazen.

Technology ruled in the video, as she started out flexing her wrist while taking pictures of her girls with her Samsung Smart Watch and then showing off Samsung Cell Phone Connectivity, viewing the image on her phone. We have to thank Janelle Monae for sharing her harmonious melodies, her super cool dance moves, and her tech savvy style.

Sometimes the exhilaration experienced on the dance floor can get lost in the too cool two step shuffles of young people. Thank goodness, this time that certainly did not happen. Janelle Monae is proof that Samsung will continue to be in an orbit of their own, no matter what Apple is doing. She's Electric, so feel free to watch the video again and again!

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