Transitioning my skills in Sales and Customer Service from Beauty and into Technology at Best Buy has made me even more aware of the importance of offering an Omni Channel Experience. It is truly about being where the client is and not just at physical locations but in the digital space too. These days most consumers are staying connected to work, home, and entertainment by way of their mobile devices. Naturally, the logical move for businesses and brands is to connect and communicate with consumers on their mobile devices. Best Buy is doing just that too! At Best Buy we send out Mobile Alerts to keep our clients informed on the latest technology arriving in stores. Recently, I received an alert reminding me that the "Next Big Thing" (Samsung Galaxy S6/Samsung S6 Edge) was almost here! I became excited too. If you would like to get in on what's new and trending in technology, text MOBILE to 22891. You will even receive exclusive offers from time to time.

Receiving that text almost makes me want to go shopping for a phone upgrade. That proves how much influence a retailer can have on consumers who carry their phones with them at every waking moment. Whether we are talking online sales or sales that result from foot traffic into physical locations, reaching consumers and creating brand awareness can never be wrong. Once a consumer is aware and once a digital encounter happens, a purchase or some type of encounter is likely to occur,  at some time in the future. Think about what could happen after you receive an alert like I did.  You could:

  • Go into Best Buy to see the Samsung S6 Smartphones
  • Consult with a Mobile Services Technician
  • Upgrade your current phone to a Samsung S6
  • Decide to purchase it at a later time for yourself or as a gift for a loved one

Since I am already sharing examples of powerful mobile connections and how they can benefit consumers and retailers, there are a few more things that may interest you and also improve your skincare routine. MySkin Inc. put their OKU Device on display at the Consumer Electronics Show this year and the response from attendees was favorable. The curiosity brought lots of onlookers over for a second look. The new devices works similar to a cat scan, it sees below the skins surface and analyzes the skin to create a skincare plan just for you. All you have to do is connect it to your iPhone. You'll have to wait before you let it work its magic though, as it will not be available until spring, according to company officials. The CEO Rahul Mehendale did not want to reveal to many details but their Demograph Product is already being used in spas throughout the United States.

By now you are on the high road leading to more mobile bliss so we won't stop here. If you thought it was cool when Walgreens started accepting Apple Pay, then you will love hearing about the possibility of using your Smartphone to tackle skincare issues, using YoDerm. Connecting with our dermatologist will be much easier too, a treatment plan will be issued and the bonus is that your prescriptions will be issued and sent directly to your Pharmacist. Telemedicine is how their describing this magnificent $59 dollar service which has no hidden fees or copayments attached. You can find more at