The Best Buy Wedding Registry has been mentioned and promoted in many ways by so many influential Bloggers, proving that there is much to this type of Content Marketing. This informative share will serve as a constant reminder that we need to always strive to look our best, even when it's not our wedding day. There are quite a few resources that can help us achieve color perfection through our stylist. Inspired and brought to you by the Colorist Magazine.  These Apps will help with productivity and efficiency.  

Oya Colorist
  • A formation tool for Oya Hair Color also includes 28 how to videos
Matrix Color Master
  • A virtual make up tool which aids in consultation by allowing Colorist to upload a picture of the client; trying on different hair colors and doing effect like partial highlighting and ombre looks are possible 
Red Ken Style Station
  • Includes more than 3000 color formulas, consultation features and Red Ken's Break room Online Community
Schwarzkopf House Of Color
  • Professional comprehensive app for Colorist and includes client consultation, formula creation tool, client management capabilities and inspirational looks