Photo Credit: GDC

The Gaming Developers Conference took place earilier this month. The 4 day event was held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA. and included lots of seminars, gameplay, and gaming innovations were on display.

During The Game Developers Choice Awards, Monolith Productions was awarded the Game Of The Year Award for Shadow And Mordor. Besides being excited about the  Shadow And Mordor win and the fact that Best Buy is offering Pre-owned Gaming Consoles, there is much to cheer about, when it comes to The Gaming Industry. The highlight of this years GDC for many, according to Bloomberg West host Cory Johnson, was Sony's new innovation, the Virtual Headset, due to arrive on the gaming circuit, early next year. Project Morpheus (Virtual Headset) will offer more persistence and better picture quality for gamers, according to Engineer Richard Marks who is a part of Sony's Research & Development Team. Marks focused on the benefits Gamers will receive from the OLED Panel which he says will enhance the 3D experience, making it more immersive. By targeting PS4 Console Owners, some 20.2 million users will have a chance to utilize this new technology.

Marks spoke candidly with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg West, expressing Sony's openness to work with Game Developers by issuing loan test kits, including the Virtual Headset. Game Developers will be able to design game titles that can take full advantage of the Virtual Headset's capabilities.

The loan test kits will give Game Developers an advantage as they face some of the common challenges and concerns like using realistic physics, facial expressions, and lighting techniques to enhance game play. Those are only a few of the considerations that Game Developers have to take into account during the design process.

Do you think that the Virtual Headset will enhance or hinder playtime, considering its size?

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