The New Classic Blackberry will look a lot like this ____ Credit: Pure Wow

It's not over for all of us who want a real keyboard on our phones and not the digital one that just pops up when we are ready to text. So what if we have a slightly smaller screen, our viewing pleasure will not be affected one bit.

We told you all about how the BlackberryPassport was good for the working professional and how it probably was more fit for a certain type of consumer. Now, we are sharing the latest news and welcoming you take a trip down memory lane with the New Blackberry Classic. According to Pure Wow, we can expect fond memories and lots of boss activity.

Pure Wow thinks that the best course of action is to maybe indulge your two phone personality, similar to what you do with watch accessories and other jewelry. You know, change it up! That is a great suggestion and a good option for the indecisive person but my mind is pretty much made up. My reasoning is, if it is good for Liam Neeson (the actor used a Qwerty Keyboard Phone in Taken 2, on that plane with Lupita N'yongo) it is good for me.

The going price is $50, if you are ready to sign a two year contract, so are you in or out?

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