We showed you a very detailed demonstration video for the Cannon EOS 70 D SLR Camera because we just loved the print advertising Game Changer Angle so much. Though we still think it is genius, we are thinking of another camera at this very moment. Before we tell you about some amazing features of this camera which offers a couple of zoom lenses, we want you to start thinking about how you make your decisions before choosing to make major techie or appliance purchases.

My Daddy thinks it is a good idea to check out Consumer Reports Magazine and also to have some cash on hand for these type of purchases. That sounds like a good idea once you decide to spend a little more money on a great product.

Still, no matter how you decide to pay for your new product, you always want to make the right choice for you/your family.

The Canon EOS is pretty cool but after seeing the very brief video above, on the Nikon D3100 Digital SLR Camera Package, cool points shifted because of the lens included with the deal. There are options too! With only the 18-55 mm VR Lens in Black, you pay less but may lose out on some features that could make a difference in the way you capture those one of kind moments of your kid(s) midair with tongue(s) hanging out. The best lens go from 18 millimeters to at least 135 millimeters, according to Canon Expert Advisers who also believe that Zoom Lens are chosen by more consumers much more often than Prime Lens, starting out.

Here are some features ------------- benefits of Zoom Lenses and benefits that you may appreciate if you are seeking to create more professional looking photos that require less editing.

  • adjustable lens focus ---------------capturing close people/objects, magnifying something far away, clearer, sharper images from close up or at a distance
  • AV Mode --------------------------------- create background blur
  • wide aperture --------------------------- capture more light 
  • cinematic scenes --------------------- more of the foreground/background is in focus (making the focal point pop)

Those are only a few of the possibilities offered by this Nikon Camera and Zoom Lenses. Remember, using cameras with only Prime Lenses means you have to actually do the leg work, walking or running in to capture your subject. The Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera with both lenses offers more versatility when shooting and it is a great option, even if you are just starting out on your journey to acheive more professional looking photographs. Check out the prices for both options here. You save almost a whopping $200 bucks for both!

Are you sold on the Nikon Camera upgrade and what did it for you, the lens inclusion?