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Sometimes you have to get behind the camera to really understand the creative process better. Doing so could help you get a feel for what Actors/Actresses experience when the cameras are rolling.

Although I'm not actively pursing an Acting Career, I was able to get behind the camera, in a similar way. It's all voices! Listen at The LuxLife Network Interview with Director Antoine Fuqua to find out what approach he used as he directed one of the worlds greatest Actors, Denzel Washington.

You will gain insight on why he believes Robert McCall (played by Denzel Washington) is perfect for him and also why his wardrobe works, in the movie.

Ater learning of Antoine Fuqua and determining that The Equalizer is worth our movie dollars, we are looking forward to seeing the upcoming Suge Knight Documentary and the Southpaw Movie.

Both projects are things Antoine Fuqua has in the fire.

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