Moms Meet Bloggertunity

The way we bond with our children can help to bring us closer and also improve the way we charge and communicate. There is no one way to encourage this vital process. Sometimes it just happens naturally. For instance, if you are a mom or dad who loves to bake, the circumstances surrounding the whole ordeal provide a perfect opportunity for bonding. Think about it. Recruiting your kid(s) for some tasty fun and conversation happens like magic. Your little helpers get to work gathering ingredients and equipment. Before you know it, the atmosphere is set for a lesson or two and a little sharing along the way. Once the process gets going, measuring, temperatures and mixing sets the stage for positive interactions and conversation. Sharing their special or difficult moments that happened during the course of a school day comes naturally. Kids like to share with parents. They don't like to feel like their being interrogated, so let the process happen naturally.

For mothers and daughters, there are so many opportunities to bond. Hair brushing is certainly one way to get the talk going. In many families, girls are often taught the importance of hair brushing at a young age. Properly moisterizing the scalp with grease or some other hair moisturizer is a process that often takes place before brushing the hair. In this case, grooming opens the odor for conversation. Conair has these amazing hair brushes that are fun for mom and daughter too. For dads, fishing or a trip to the library may pull rank over hair brushing. One parents tactics may be different than another's, so choose what works best for you and your family.

These examples may not be a first choice for families who see mealtime as the most ideal situation for bonding to happen. Mealtime is a sure way to bring everyone together. Talking will undoubtly happen in between, after or during chewing and swallowing. Please don't talk with your mouth full is something that you can expect to hear during the course of a few meals. Funny right?

National Take Your Parents To Lunch Day is taking place on October 17th, this Wednesday. It's the perfect opportunity for parents to bond with their kid(s) while seeing firsthand how the new portion sizes affecting your students intake of healthy fruits and veggies. See how you can keep the conversation going long after National Take Your Parents To Lunch Day. Click here for details

Remember, the important thing is to create those moments that encourage positive conversations. It doesn't matter if fishing for dinners catch is involved or grooming of some sort. Uh, it is nice, however, to have a sweet treat now and again while enjoying some good conversation. No matter the method, the time is yours.