Woe is moms are getting lots of attention for doing something that we all may have done at some point of frustration, getting dirt off their shoulders. Yes, the latest for moms with children who still nap or at least youngsters who get cranky and awake from sleep are Facebook Rants, amounting to finger pointing, neckrolling tell offs. Take a look at what I mean and in the words of Tamar Braxton, she did that!

STFU Parents

Mommyish broke the story. If waking the kids can make moms angry enough to turn green like the Hulk or at least perturbed enough to let their grizzly side see out just a bit, then imagine what moms with older kids are feeling these days. They are griping too and it seems like the gripes just get bigger and bigger. Check out how Vanessa, mother of New Orleans Rapper Gunna (D-Nice) shares her gripes. Here's what she posted on Facebook:

"Woke up feeling bless & piss off @ the same time. Really don't know what the fu*k wrong with our children today we have them so spoil until it fall back on us but as for me this the last day that I'am taking bull sh*t from my kids because I bend over backwards for mines & for my 22 year old son that lives with me rent free & I wash his clothes do everything for this fool & he works everyday & don't wanna give me 50$ a week SMMFH @ him.but he gonna learn TODAY you have to pay where you Lay if not you gonna get your Black ass out of here & find you somewhere else to Lay & we gonna see if the grass greener.then he try to shoot that shit to me that he gonna go stay by his sweetie but I really thinks that is a good fucking IDEAL"

Moms with college age children may not have to worry about adequate nap time for their children but as you can see from Mommy Vanessa's rant, the concern shifts to money management, household responsibilities, and earning your keep. With the anger directed at young adults, the translation is, you have to pay some bills!

It seems like New Orleans Rapper D-Nice has it made. All mama wants is some grip. Yet, the Rapper is threatening to move in with his sweetie. I wonder who the lucky woman is and will he pay her bills? Only time will tell. Even though we are not really taking sides, we are glad that D-Nice is determined to get some legal money by earning an honest living.

Do you think it's right for children to stack their chips at their parents expense and should parents just lay off? Tell us what you think!