Windows Phones new software update could put it a few steps ahead, gaining on Apple's domination with the iPhone, windows on stream motion set it apart from iPhone because updated feeds (from whatever apps you choose to pin on the location screen) show up when you turn your phone on, so it eliminates the need for you to go from app to app to use your favorite products. Microsoft's Windows Phone is said to offer users a "dramatically different experience", one that brings content directly to the consumer. The Windows Phone does sound a little more sophisticated than the iPhone. Here's what the new Windows Phone looks like.


  •  Performance, multimedia, & appearance
    •  4.3 Clear Black Amoled Display
    • Carl Zeiss Photo Optics
    • front-facing camera
    • video calls over WiFi
    • 4G LTE 10x faster than 3G
    • 7 hr. battery life
    • video editing tools (included)
    • Microsoft Office
    • Internet Explorer 9
    • People Hub
    • Thousands of apps available
    • Colors: Cyan, Matte Black, White 

The features on this amazing phone do measure up to Apples iPhone, and technology insiders believe that consumers are missing out on all that Microsoft has to offer since new upgrades have been made to improve the Windows Phone. It's now being offered under the Nokia Brand and the buzz for the Nokia Lumina 900 (the new name for Windows Phone) is starting to increase as customers become more aware of what to ask for when they are ready to upgrade their phones or try an alternative to the iPhone. Many consumers are willing to make the switch just to compare the efficiency of Microsoft vs Apple. Other consumers are choosing to go with the Nokia Lumina 900 because of a personal need to set themselves apart from other family members.

The trends not only point to cultural differences within a family as the reason why consumers are choosing different tech options, a need to show individuality and also age differences has something to do with how family members are choosing their phones and other tech products. We don't know if you have the Nokia Lumina 900 in your pocket already, but it may be time for you to switch gears, if you are ready to be a part of a dramatically different experience.