Brand knowledge is a very important aspect of the selling game. If you want to sell products and keep people excited when new products hit the market, you have to actually believe in the products you sell. It's the mark of a good salesperson. Customers sometimes want to hear what you actually think about a product, when you are engaging in interaction before you close a sale. That's why taking the time to learn about your products is key. I've learned that every step along the way before the customer decides to take the product home is special, and it makes me feel more enthusiastic when I share information with my readers. I want brand representatives to know that I care about their products, but most of all,  I want people to know that I love what I do. If I give off that type of energy each and every time, I know my customers will be back checking out all the new products that are up for grabs. Finding out information about the products you sell is brand education, so besides doing a little research, I am beginning to use the product information that I get my hands on, in a whole new way. I have put together my first advertising cue cards/collages with product information on them. These are so fun to create and they help me to remember key features, catchy names, and the general look of products. With so many products on the market, creating these will keep me oriented and informed as new products become available.  Check back tomorrow for an example of what I'm doing to create brand awareness for myself and the rest of Team Abornewords!