Exercise your expertise by introducing new ways to share the knowledge. Here are the pictures that I promised to provide on yesterday. I went back to the basics on these. I know you probably can remember when your teacher asked you to write a report and create a collage about your summer vacation. That was always so fun for me I know that you always hear me mention what I learned from my mother, but this is going to be a shocker. Some of my best reported stories that I shared with my teachers and the rest of my class, were about the summers that I spent with my daddy. I wont go into details now, but I took it back to how I use to do in school. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Another View of the Essie Cue Card


I still can't get the tag line for Essie out of my head. "Think of Essie As The Cherry On Top" identifies the Essie Brand. Remembering tag lines, product names, look and feel is what brand creators expect. They put in a lot of time and effort to excite consumers about their product(s). That's why everything we do to compliment the launch is so vital. We are organizing at this very moment so that in the coming months so that our homepage will become more brand friendly. Our blog will only compliment this approach as we provide you all with lots of information about people, products, services, and places.

If you decide you want to start creating your own advertising cue cards, remember there's so much you can do with these cards. It's almost like scrap-booking in a way. You can frame them, hang them in your office, put them on your desk, or anywhere that gives you and your customers access. If you happen to actually work in sales, you can use them as display pieces for your counter displays, or even to decorate your department. Using your favorite products as inspiration will help you during your creative process. These cards will get your customers attention and keep them informed. Visibility and more visibility is what you need to feed the consumer. You want the information to stick and stay with the customer after they leave so that the memory will help to bring them back again and again. The goal is to sell them useful products that they need at good prices.  

3d02.com - Finest 3d Models 

Rotating your products is another way to keep everything fresh and create a sense of newness.  That experience is very important for the customer and you because it creates and environment the allows positive energy to flow.  The result is you feel a sense of happiness and so do your customers.  Changing things up can be the difference between a $25 sale and a $200 sale, so think big.  

I want to encourage all celebs, brand representatives, vendors, and marketers to be sure to saturate the market with lots of product information and samples.  Customer appreciate it and sales representatives love it.  I can't tell how many times customers have came back to purchase items that were only given as complimentary samples.  Believe me people, samples work to get you that repeat business.   

The bottom line is that Brand Education is important to you and your customer(s) and you can use Advertising Cue Cards as a tool to educate consumers and keep yourself oriented. How creative you get is up to you, but believing in the products you sell will help increase sales, create repeat business. The result is loyal customers in the end is loyal customers. Until our next cue creation(s), we say happy selling. Don't forget to blog because you love what you do.